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Supporting our clients in the net zero economy: reasons to be cheerful

Our clients are grasping the opportunity to diversify so we now find ourselves advising on subjects including electric vehicle and charging schemes, voluntary carbon credits, long term product disposal and recycling issues, energy storage and installation programmes. This adds depth to the core of our client base which is in energy project development and generation. See how we can help you reach Net Zero.

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Resolving disputes through Expert Determination

Satisfaction levels with the courts in England and Wales are regrettably lower now than at many times in the past. This is not due to the quality of the decisions of our esteemed judges or the law that they uphold. It is generally because of the long time taken for a matter to reach trial and, in spite of efforts to improve case management, the cost of litigating.

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Employee incentive plans: so many options

We have recently advised on incentive schemes that span the full range available to employers and employees in England. Many of our clients are growth companies wanting to retain and reward their key staff in a highly competitive market place for talent. This article includes some highlights from our recent work.

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Advising shareholders on company exits

We have recently acted for various clients on a number of business exits. In some cases, our advice has been directly on the sale process and documents. In others, we have advised clients on difficult and contentious issues arising after a business sale.

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Restrictive covenants in employment contracts

MDS Advisory recently acted in a complex High Court claim involving a host of parallel claims and cross claims including allegations of breach of restrictive covenant in an employment contract, misuse of confidential information and breach of fiduciary duty.

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