Advising Ortus Energy on landmark £100 million funding from major infrastructure fund

Thank you to MDS Advisory from Ortus Energy
Ortus Energy, a British developer of commercial and industrial solar projects engaged MDS Advisory partner Adam Oliver to negotiate the full suite of agreements and to advise across all aspects of this major transaction with Fiera Infrastructure, the acclaimed Canadian investor in the energy sector in the United Kingdom. The Ortus-Fiera partnership offers innovative solutions to Ortus’ major clients whereby Fiera will fund installation of midscale solar projects in exchange for long-term revenue under power purchase agreements. MDS Advisory worked with Ortus across all aspects, including corporate, tax, regulatory, commercial, property and construction.

The advantage of working with Adam Oliver comes from his deep and broad hands-on experience across all the relevant issues on which we needed advice. He was willing to understand all aspects of our business model and to test and validate our structure to get us calmly to the outcome that we wanted.

Alistair Booth, Ortus Managing Director