MDS secures new retainer as General Legal Counsel with 2 Excel Aviation

Growing Aviation Specialist 2 Excel Aviation have engaged MDS Advisory to extend its retainer as General Counsel for a further year. 2 Excel who were founded by former RAF Red Arrows and the last operation pilots of the RAF Harrier Squadron have just secured a re-finance which will enable further growth of the business. 2 Excel are engaged in important strategic initiatives for the UK including Oil Spill response for the 6 major IOC’s, they provide the UK Coastal and Maritime Search and Rescue Services as well as being consultants on the UK’s new fighter programme ‘Project Tempest’.

Michael always provides prompt and articulate advice on the various matters for which he is legal counsel for the 2 Excel business. He is a valued member of our team where the value add and efficiency of service far outweigh the investment in his services. We would highly recommend his services.

Andy Offer, Director, OBE