Construction & Projects

MDS Advisory offer a full range of legal services and provide commercially-minded solutions to help your development project achieve the desired outcome on time and on budget. We advise leading developers, funders and occupiers on all types of projects providing them with advice spanning real estate, planning, construction, environment, energy and infrastructure related projects

Project SPVs, Joint Venture & Shareholder Agreements

Many development companies manage risk in a development through the formation of discreet legal entities known as a special purpose vehicles (SPVs).

An SPV is often established as a subsidiary of a parent company as a way of isolating risk for a specific purpose or a temporary objective such as a development project. MDS Advisory has extensive experience structuring SPVs to have their own assets, liabilities, and management. The core objective of the SPV is to disaggregate risks and liabilities. MDS Advisory works with developers and funders to structure SPV agreements as a key part of the construction process

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